Customers’ Database management

Customers’ Database management

ACCORD POST is an officially registered Data Controller. One of the company’s focuses is customers’ database creation, updating and development.

The result of our work is the customer’s database growth and development, building advantageous dialogue with the end customer.

Database creation

ACCORD POST creates customer’s databases from ground zero using computer-assisted entry:

  • Questionnaires, card and other paper media
  • Hot line
  • User account

High speed of data processing enables receiving data from 50 questionnaires and coupons per day.

Data updating

Why is it necessary to update your clients’ data?

Data errors result in higher costs, reputation risks in the opinion of your clients and partners and loss of advertising campaigns efficiency

We offer updating your DB on a regular basis

  • Technical support and DB updating
  • Outbound calls against client’s DB to update data and clients’ phone numbers status
  • B2C and B2B communication with clients on the part of the customer
  • Deduplication, bad addresses deletion
  • Proficient DB compilation

Customer’s database segmentation

Segmented database provides for receiving maximum possible information about the client and making profit of it for the company.

Benefits of segmentation

  • Increase in response rate as a result of marketing campaigns
  • Receiving maximum possible information about the client and clients history
  • You make the buyer the offers he is really interested in
  • Purchasing brand loyalty improvement
  • Enlarge a list of addresses for DM-actions

Database Management System development and support

It’s not possible to store and structure large data volume using standard soft- and hardware. Database Management System allows creating databases, data searching and sorting.

  • We develop and generate structures and formats for an integrated client’ database
  • Collect and process data from various sources
  • Work with personal data of the Client's consumers (deduplication, updating, segmentation of the client database, etc.)