Printing and delivery of billing invoices

Printing and delivery of billing invoices

We render a full range of services to print and deliver utility, telecommunication and municipality bills as well as mailing e-bills against clients’ DB.

Full-service used to work with consumers of housing and utility sector facilitates collection of utility fees, provides for cost saving and reaping the benefit.

Data processing, charges calculation

Layout setting, production of billings

Sorting, packing and delivery of billings

E-bills mailing against clients’ DB

For any company producing billings by itself implies maintaining printing and inserting equipment, employing IT staff and operators. Outsourcing billings printing will relieve from the necessity.

To cover expenses for postal services and even to earn a little we offer to print advertisements on utility bills.

Improve utility fees collection and cut costs!

  • Experience

    ACCORD POST is the leader in producing payment and transaction documents in Russia for 18 years

  • Safety

    The company is a data controller certified by Federal Service for Technical and Export Control and Federal Security Service to process sensitive information. Digital financial documents are hosted on ACCORD POST’s in-house servers in a protected segment in compliance with Class “1G’ in strict adherence to 152 Federal Law “On personal Data”

  • State-of-the-art equipment

    Well-developed production site owned by the company. State-of-the-art commercial equipment is used to produce billings in the form of self-mailers in adherence to personal data protection law.

  • Skilled employees

    High-skilled professionals are employed at the production site

  • Format

    Selection of an appropriate format for a billing to place a certain amount of information as well as full-color printing upon the customer’s request.

  • Delivery

    Delivery to drop-off stations or to the payer’s mail box (by means of the Russian Post or alternative delivery agents).

Standard billing formats

  • 3 А5
  • А4
  • А5
  • 203х450 мм — opened
  • 203х178 мм — closed
  • 203х450 мм — opened
  • 203х178 мм — closed
  • 203х450 мм — opened
  • 203х178 мм — closed

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