Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Digital platform D2M Interactive is an omnichannel package solution for interactive customer relationship management.

Digital opportunities complement traditional paper mailings advantages.

  • Acquisition of new clients

    Digital targeted advertising for desktop and mobile devices users.

  • Customer retention

    Personalized omnichannel communication to return “cool” clients.

  • Updating clients

    Personalized updating of important events and marketing activities, receiving feedback.

  • Development of returning customers

    Sales frequency growth and promotion of additional services. Reinforcement of favorable brand image.

Digital services

  • Pay-per- click and programmatic advertising
  • Smart E-mail marketing
  • Chatbots design
  • SMS Target Service

We’ll assist in maximum outreach to target audience by means of web-promotion. The platform based on artificial intelligence analyses web-users’ behavior and shows certain ads to certain people.

  • Branch analyses and monitoring of competitors

  • Target audience capture

  • High efficiency

  • Predictable result

  • On-line optimization

  • Precise measurement of results

Targeting flexibility: up to 1000 parameters

Text and graphic formats of banners and videos

Promotional videos

Ads in mobile apps, games and social media

Native ad

Innovative approach to the audience selection and wide variety of available formats to place advertising enable to run grand-scale outreach campaigns.

Our service supports in running campaigns, breaking news and keeping constant communication with clients. We provide with all opportunities for proficient e-mail marketing.

  • E-mail аaddresses collection

  • E-mail personalization

  • E-mailing based on segmented legal DB

  • E-mailing based on existing contacts

  • Creation of customized templates and e-mailing scripts

  • Customization of trigger e-mails and chains

Benefits of E-mail marketing

Lead generation

Increase in customer loyalty

Feedback provision

Customer attraction to the company’s Web-site

Opportunity to prompt the client to act this way

The more data is collected about the recipients the more personalized mailing could be carried out. E-mails could also contain the recipient’s personal data, dynamic content, personalized inserts and promo codes.

Personalized e-mails provide for a better response!

Business processes automation using chatbots. Bot is an employee who works without mistakes and is never tired.

  • Online newsletters

  • Conducting surveys

  • Ordering goods and services

  • Reference information

  • Feedback

Cost saving

Reasonable price for a chatbot design and support


You’ll be able to automate the most part of your business processes using bots

On a loop

The bot has no weekends or breaks. The chatbot keeps a constant communication with your clients

It’s convenient for clients

Clients use messengers daily


We render technical support round-the-clock

All it takes is to set up the bot once and you won’t have to turn back to this issue any more. Clients will find your product in a messenger or social media themselves.

Targeted SMS-messages help to acquire new clients and keep in touch with loyal audience. Send your company’s news, sales promotions and special offers to those customers only who might be interested in them.

  • Targeting set up

  • Short and alphabetic numbers

  • Conducting surveys, collecting statistics

  • Customer acquisition, debt administration

  • Keeping phone numbers current

  • Retargeting

You can select the audience basing on several parameters:

gender, age, phone model to text

mobile service expenditure level

geotargeting and current location

visiting foreign countries in roaming

calls to certain destinations

Targeted texting is carried out using data of major Russian mobile operators – MTS, Beeline and Megafon in full accordance with current legislation.