We offer both integrated and modular solutions which provide for reducing logistics costs and improving service quality for end users.

Up-to-date equipment the company uses at its warehouses allows processing various types of goods and providing full range of services for your company.

Acceptance of goods
Acceptance of goods at the company’s own warehouse and pick up of goods from supplier’s warehouse
Warehousing of goods
Shelves, racks and mezzanine to store various types of goods, modern warehousing equipment, storage of various types of goods. Stock-taking, labeling, scanning, quality check
Own Warehouse Management System
API-protocol of integration. Unified IT-platform to render logistics services for e-commerce, 3PL и Lettershop
Orders receipt
We receive orders by Phone call and web-site. We make SMS and email notifications, phone polls, customer’s consultancy
Packing of goods
We render a complete service for pick-and-pack of parcels and wrappers
Collecting money
Bargain tariffs for money processing when paying for orders, processing COD, charges for loss of parcels by all delivery channels, reporting
Prepostal handling and delivery by means of the Russian Post or alternatively via various channels including courier services and automated parcels terminals
Processing of returns
Receipt of returns, check of integrity. Placing the goods in property and storing them. Identifying reasons for returns

Our warehouses

  • HUB
  • 3PL
  • DEPO

Fulfillment/HUB Klimovsk В+: 25 000 m²

  • Storage and handling of palletized goods in racks

  • Cells storage on mezzanine

  • Delivery sorting center: 12 courier companies

  • Automated pick&pack and tariffing line

  • The Russian Post’s branch office at ACCORD POST warehouse

Fulfillment /3PL Klimovsk А: 11 000 m²

  • Storage and handling of palletized goods in racks

  • Shelf racking storage

  • Cells storage on mezzanine

  • Floor storage of oversized goods

  • Full range of warehousing services

Fulfillment /DEPO Moscow: 200 m²

  • Acceptance of goods and mailings for further handling

  • Daily route to the warehouse in Klimovsk

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