Documents digitizing

Documents digitizing

Improve efficiency of workflow management using scanning, digitizing, processing and archiving of documents and questionnaires

Strict accordance to the current legislation and data confidentiality compliance!

ACCORD POST equipment supports scanning up to 180 sheets per minute

Archives digitizing is a process of scanning followed by cataloging of all the documents of the company.

Competent processing of questionnaires and data entry is meant to be a significant step to communicate with consumers efficiently. Prompt and accurate digitizing of documents lead to introducing electronic docflow management within the company.

Our specialists will ensure correct scanning of documents, data entry from questionnaires and digitizing. Analyses of questionnaires data is done even if the information is filled in by hand.

Benefits of digitizing

No risk of losing documents

Long-term storage of media

Reduction of costs to store paper media

Labor costs optimization

Possibility for a remote access to documents

Documents retrieval convenience and rate

Modern equipment provides for excellent image quality even if the quality of originals is far from perfect

  • Almost no paper jams

  • Precise stacking of documents in the initial order

  • Double-feed stop

  • Black & white and color images

  • Streaming scanning

  • High quality while processing even worn-out, jammed or damaged originals

  • “Rotation” of a crooked image, skip of white pages

  • Automatic detection of document thickness

  • Scanning sheets of various weight in one stack

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