Postal mailings and Direct mail

Postal mailings and Direct mail

Main purpose of postal mailing is to encourage the customer to enter into a dialogue, to target willing buyers and sometimes to make a purchase right there and then!

Direct marketing represents a marketing strategy for communicating directly with your customers. Direct mail has an array of advantages as it allows you to maintain contact with loyal customers. It is an effective mechanism for testing offers and prices, as well as potential clients.

ACCORD POST specializes in mailing letters and bulk mailing of any complexity, packaging and shape.


  • Growth of sales

  • Enhance information on clients

  • Customer's loyalty

  • Encouraging customers to action

  • Brand recognition

We invent new types of packaging and personalization.

Direct mail also allows you to personalize letters via mail-attachment techniques. You can use informal language when writing your campaign letter so that you direct the mail to a specific reader.

Long experience in Direct marketing

Complex services

Own production site

Partnership with post offices and delivery companies

All operations are carried out in compliance with confidentiality requirements.

Guarantee of confidentiality

Easy to work. One-stop shop principle

  • Your clients’ DB update

  • Different postal mailing

  • Printing and packing

  • Personalization of mailing

  • Personalization of pack

  • Direct mail

  • Delivery

  • Additional services: Digital marketing and Call-center

Direct marketing – way of effective communication with customers!

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